With mulching and using a robotic lawnmower, the grass rests stay on the field and act as natural fertilizer for your lawn. Clippings consist mostly of water, and the remaining tissue is quickly broken down through microbial activity To have a perfect digestion on the suface of the grass field microbes (bacteria) have to multiply. For that they need carbon. Fertilizing with ecofertis fertilizer with bacteria and humic acids (which contain carbon) is the best solution in this case.

Humic acids take care of a better uptake of certain metal ions. This means that both some trace elements are being de-blocked and that also the uptake of phosphate is being promoted. So trace elements like Iron (Fe). Manganese (Mn), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn) but also calcium are released. Next to that the carbon from humic acids takes care of a more and diverse /better soil life.

NPK (CaMgS) 8-3-6 (+5+3+10) + iron + BACT + humic acids