Fertilisers are offered in packs of 1 to 20 kg, on request also in bigbags or as liquid fertiliser. Fertilisers are available for production also under the trademark of the client and into a package prepared by the client. Annual production capacity of our plant is 3,000 tonnes of fertiliser.

In case of Ecofertis product range being of interest for You, we would love to meet You in order to further discuss our products, to forward pricelists and to equip You with all the necessary materials. We are interested in co-cooperating with hobby gardeners, professional manufacturers and also resellers!

For organic farming

Organic fertilizers are also used in organic farming

For the Nordic climate

Ecofertis grass seeds are produced for the Nordic climate

Fertilizers for vegans

Ecofertis products also include fertilizers for vegans

Ecofertis organic-mineral and organic fertilizers quality guarantee

Carefully selected raw material and thoughtful monitoring of the production process in all its stages ensure that the fertiliser has optimum quality. Finished goods are controlled regularly by a recognised laboratory.

ORGANIC certificate

Our organic fertilizers have an organic certificate from TUV NORD INTEGRA and CONTROL UNION. This certificate guarantees our customers quality; during annual audits inspection agencies ensure that all parameters related to organic products are complied with.