Our sales team has more than 25 years of sales experience in the areas of agriculture and horticulture. We aim to offer high-quality environmentally friendly fertilisers, achieve customer satisfaction by offering great products and service. We are an honest, trustworthy and loyal partner to our clients.

We use the ECOFERTIS trademark to offer mineral fertilisers, organic-mineral fertilisers, but also natural products without any chemicals, which are then suitable for use in organic farming. Our product range also includes pure organic fertiliser suitable for vegans, as it is free of animal products.

Ecofertis organic fertilisers have an organic farming certificate issued by TÜV Nord!

Even though our product range also includes granulated quality mineral fertilisers, our aim is to publicise the use of natural fertilisers as to increase their use in agriculture as to provide a cleaner nature and to improve people’s health.

Additionally, we offer grass seeds which are specifically designed for Estonian climate. Our product range covers all the more common needs. The product range includes universal grass mixes, beauty grass seed mixes, renovating grass seed mixes, sports grasses, shadow grasses, and grass mixes for roadsides and green spaces.