This Organic Compound Fertilizer is suitable for lawn restoration and also for all flowering plants and perennial plant borders. High organic matter content means the presence of essential trace elements that contribute substantially to the fertility of the soil. Contains magneesium for deep green leaves. Because of its mildness is suitable for the sensitive roots of young plants.. Stimulates root growth even at lower temperatures. For lawn repairing can also be used in combination with over seeding. Faster recovery after scarification.

Added humic acids take care of a better uptake of certain metal ions. This means that both some trace elements are being de-blocked and that also the uptake of phosphate is being promoted. So trace elements like Iron (Fe). Manganese (Mn), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn) but also calcium are released. Next to that the carbon from humic acids takes care of a more and diverse /better soil life

NPK: 8-6-14 (+4MgO) + humic acids