Fertiliser is suitable for fertilisation of conifers such as spruce, pine, thuja, birch, juniper and others. This fertiliser can also be used for fertilisation of ornamental plants such as boxwood, enelas and others. Nutrients from the fertiliser help trees and shrubs grow faster, strengthen plants and help root systems grow. Magnesium, included as a microelement, ensures bright green colours in the plants.

Use from spring to late summer (April to August). First, in early spring, later in summer for 2 more times as additional fertilisation. Fertiliser is to be spread evenly and then mixed into soil. After fertilisation, we recommend watering the plants.

Guidance for use

1 kg 40 m2

Thuja and cypresses 70-120g/plant
Miniatures pines and firs – 10-25g/plant
Yews, junipers and silver firs – 50-100g/plant
Junipers, pines, spruces and larches – 100-300g/plant