Organic fertilizers have an infinite impact on soil fertility and it increases microbial diversity in soil which leads to healthier crops.  This well-balanced formula contains essential nutrients for plants and is composed for fertilizing the whole garden. This fertilizer can be used from Spring till Autumn during growth or plantation/sowing. Works up to 3 months.

NPK: 6-7-9

Organic certification from TÜV Nord!



Leaf vegetables 100-150g/m2
Root crops 100-150g/m2
Aromatic plants 80-120g/m2
Fuit vegetables 100-150g/m2
Small fruit 80-150g/m2
Fruit 100-200g/m2
Borders 50-150g/m2
Ornamental shrub150-200g/m2
Lawn construction 50-100g/m2
Lawn maintenance 100g/m2