By fertilising vegetables with this fertiliser, you do not only improve the quality and yield of potatoes and vegetables, but also better their taste and resistance to disease. This is ensured by carefully chosen chemical composition of the fertiliser and the MICROELEMENTS found in it. The latter are essential for plants, helping to obtain useful nutrients and enriching the soil, thereby providing a long-term fertiliser effect. Usage: spread fertiliser as an even layer and mix it with soil. Preservation: store in dry place protected from direct sunlight, useful time is not limited.

GUIDANCE FOR USE:  Potatoes  4 – 6 kg/100m2, vegetables (cucumber, tomato, carrot, onion, radish, lettuce) 3-5  kg/100m2


Use 2 to 3 times during the growth period, from early spring to late summer (March to August). Fertiliser is to be spread evenly and mixed into soil. After fertilisation, it is advisable to water the plants.

Guidance for use: 1kg 17m2

Fertiliser is to be distributed evenly around the plant and raked into soil. After fertilisation, we recommend watering the plants in order for granules to decompose in soil.