Universal full fertiliser for the fertilisation of different vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, decorative plants, grass, cucumbers, potatoes, berries and berry bushes. Includes important nutrients for plant growth and development in an ideal ratio. Fertilisation ensures faster growth, bloom and better yield. Fertilisation also improves the taste properties of fruit and fruit will stay fresh for a longer time. Flowers and decorative plants will look more colourful and will retain their properties for a longer time. Fertilised plants are more resistant to disease.


To be used from early spring until late summer (from March to August) 2 to 3 times per growth period. Fertiliser is to be distributed evenly and mixed with soil. After fertilisation, it is recommended to water the plants.

Guidance for use: 1kg 40m2

Fertiliser is to be distributed evenly around the plant and raked into soil. After fertilisation, we recommend watering the plants in order for granules to decompose in soil.